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Elaine Giles

A guide to installing an iOS system update on your devices.

Settings App

Locate and tap on the Settings app icon.

Settings > General > Software Update

Within the Settings app, locate the General section.

Download and Install

In the Software Update section the Download and Install option.

Enter Passcode

You will be prompted for your passcode.

Enter Your Passcode

Enter your passcode and tap done.

The Download

The download of the update starts in the background.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions will be displayed. Tap Agree to continue.

Update Requested

A request for the upfate is then sent to the Apple servers.


Once the request is received the update will start to dowload to your device.

Preparing the Update

The update will go through several stages after it is downloaded.


You will be prompted to begin the installation. Tap “Install Now” to install the update immediately or wait for the update to start to install automatically.

Alternatively, tap “Later” to defer the installation to a later time.

Verification of the Update

The first step of the install will be verying the update. Once the update is verified it will be installed and your device will be rebooted.

After Reboot


Your Passcode

Once the device has rebooted, if you have a passcode enabled on your device you will be prompted to enter this.

Enter Your Passcode

Enter your passcode and tap “OK” to continue.

Confirming the Update

Open the Settings app and confirm your device is up to date.